Teacher Training Programme

There are over 8,000 refugee students in primary school and almost 5,000 in secondary school in Nairobi.

Xavier Project sought funding from Avonbrook to train professional teachers in Nairobi, Kenya on refugee issues, positive discipline and counselling. In collaboration with UNHCR and other refugee agencies, Xavier Project drew up best practice packages that informed future training sessions both in Nairobi and across the country.

The programme trained teachers to understand their students’ backgrounds and enable them to improve their students’ performance and well-being. The programme took the form of a series of workshops in refugee-populated schools with the key teachers from each school.

Other NGOs have carried out various trainings in the last few years for teachers, but there has been no co- ordinated approach between the agencies.

As a result, the Xavier Project formulated a five-workshop programme that was conducted over the period of a month in each target school. The schools were selected for their high populations of refugees. Xavier Project revisited each school one year later for a refresher session and to monitor the success of the workshops.

Throughout the two year period, Xavier Project and other NGOs conducting similar trainings used their experience to draw up a package of best practice.