Director of Education (Xavier Project)

Since 2012, Avonbrook paid the salary for a Director of Education, working across Xavier Project’s work in Uganda.

In 2012-13, the Director of Education engineered the expansion of the sponsorship programme from 16 to 50 refugee students by the start of the academic year, he planned and ran an English camp for fifty children, which ran for seven weeks, and he opened a mobile library providing one-on-one reading tuition for refugee children. He also completed a piece of research into education opportunities for the refugee community, and has worked closely with UNHCR in designing an education strategy for all operating partners working with refugees in Kampala. Part of this strategy has included working on a five day teacher training course designed for teachers of our English course that can be of benefit to all teachers.

In 2014, the sponsorship programme was extended to 100 children.

The Director of Education in Uganda is responsible for:

  • The collation of data on each student and the payment of school fees directly to the schools
  • Mobilising of parents of students into support groups of 6-10 families who will meet at least once per term.
  • In partnership with the education consultant in UK, the Director developed a teacher training course for teachers of the English course and potential future Xavier Project teachers
  • Co-ordination of the extra-curricular programme, including a computer literacy and social media curriculum.
  • Co-ordinating the mobile library. This was expanded to 15 schools with high refugee numbers, while volunteers help deliver one-to-one reading tuition for refugees on this programme.
  • Researching, marketing, fundraising for and supervising the implementation of the English camp for 100 children

Director of Educational Excellence (PEAS)

Promoting Equality in African Schools (PEAS) is a rapidly growing charity that aims to widen access to education in Africa by founding and developing sustainable, low-fee secondary schools. PEAS has now established several schools across Uganda.

To ensure PEAS schools provide the best possible learning outcomes PEAS recruited and employed an expert Director of Educational Excellence, half-funded by Avonbrook for four years.

This role has been introduced to drive improvement in teaching and learning across the PEAS network.

Classroom in a PEAS school

Classroom in a PEAS school

This position was able to have an impact on the education of up to 6000 students within the three years. The role included direct teacher training and observation, the facilitation of teacher training workshops, formative educational inspection and assessment and consultancy for senior education side staff within the PEAS network.

Since Avonbrook made the grant, the excess revenues generated by existing PEAS schools has been able to fund the salary in its entirety.