Central America

In Central America demand for jobs dramatically exceeds supply and yet in spite of the competition, companies are still struggling to find suitable candidates, “due to a lack of training or experience” (Plan International and La Prensa, Nicaragua).

Teach A Man To Fish is the global leader in supporting schools to set up profit-making businesses. In addition to their classroom activities, students and teachers learn to run one or more on-campus educational businesses which sell goods and services in the local market.

Teach A Man To Fish’s Enterprising Schools Network helps schools across Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala set up school businesses to teach business and transferable skills.

The ‘Enterprising Schools Network, Central America’ a programme that aims to:

  • Reach many new schools through the ‘School Enterprise Challenge’ – a business planning competition that develops awareness and understanding of the benefits of educational school businesses and supports schools to plan and set up their first school business
  • Provide a network of support and learning for schools with at least one business up and running – to accelerate their progress, maximise educational outcomes, and share lessons learned with other schools
School Enterprise Challenge, Guatemala

School Enterprise Challenge, Guatemala

Avonbrook funded the second of a two year programme, focused on Guatemala, which provided signed up schools with:

  • Free educational resources and video tutorials
  • School exchanges to share specific skills including business skills or extra-curricular activities
  • Specialist learning groups on specific types of businesses such as tourism, coffee, processing and other service businesses (thus giving opportunities for collaboration such as cross promotion)
  • Knowledge-sharing one day events, hosted at schools
  • Action-planning support