Community Learning Hubs for Refugees

The teacher training Avonbrook has supported in recent years, which is still on-going, is part of Xavier Project’s Education Community Hub model, and forms one of the learning packages. Community members have been playing the role of teachers, even when not qualified due to the shortage of formally trained professionals. The training Xavier Project provide has covered basic pedagogy but also created layers of pastoral support for teachers who have an unimaginably challenging job.

Avonbrook’s grant in 2019, the largest single grant we have ever made, has bolstered Xavier Project’s ability to provide:

  • capacity building for Xavier Project’s local partner, L’Africana
  • on-going teacher training for community educators
  • consultation in the implementation of “GCSE for refugees”
  • day to day running costs to cover the two-year pilot while L’Africana get closer to financial sustainability