Multi-year partnership 2020-22

For ten years, Avonbrook Projects Abroad have been an important supporter of PEAS’ work in both Uganda and Zambia. With PEAS on their journey from one country to two, from four schools to 32, from fewer than 1,000 students to the 15,000 students they educate today – with an aligned focus on unlocking quality education through the training of passionate teachers in developing countries.

At the end of 2019, Avonbrook agreed to fund the first year of, what we hope, will be a multi-year partnership with PEAS and the largest grant we have ever made to a partner organisation. The grant is unrestricted, but Avonbrook understands that a key part of the work in Zambia over the coming years is an updated teacher training programme, learning the lessons from its work across Zambia and Uganda.

This work will focus on updating its programme of continuous professional development (CPD), supporting schools in embedding the Lesson Study as part of their CPD programme, and training teachers on how to use data to inform their approach to teaching as PEAS implement a new School Information System for the first time.

The PEAS CPD framework focuses on strengthening teachers’ pedagogical skills, and is adapted in schools based on needs assessments. This differs to training sessions offered by the Ministry of General Education which tend to focus on updates to the curriculum rather than pedagogy.