Working with

Xavier Project

The Xavier Project is an international NGO that exists to provide opportunities to urban refugees in Kenya and Uganda who are otherwise excluded from the means to live fulfilled and dignified lives.

The vision is that through a holistic approach to development urban refugees will be able to take back control of their lives and make a positive change whether to their new communities or to their country of origin.

There are over 8,000 refugee students in Nairobi’s primary schools and almost 5,000 in its secondary schools. These children often come from vastly different cultures and education systems, and they speak different languages. In many cases they have undergone traumatic experiences, while the vast majority live in a state of insecurity and economic uncertainty. 

Over the years, Avonbrook has funded: teacher training workshops for those working in schools with a high population of refugee students; supported 20 refugees in Kenya complete a course in education in emergencies provided by the University of Nairobi and Xavier Project; the expansion of Xavier Project’s Education Community Hubs that achieve quality learning outcomes for refugees in ways that are inclusive, efficient and scalable.