An estimated 70% of the population of Madagascar lives in poverty. Levels of income, healthcare and education are amongst the lowest in the world, while population growth is putting enormous pressure on rainforest, more than half of which has disappeared.

UK charity, Money for Madagascar was founded in 1986, by returning volunteers wanting to fund local solutions and enable the Malagasy people to take charge of their own destiny.

Avonbrook’s first grant was awarded to ‘Money for Madagascar’ in 2008, enabling the expansion of Akany Avoko children’s home and the employment of two additional classroom teachers. In 2010 Avonbrook made a further grant to another centre, this time for teenage girls who have either become pregnant or are seen as at risk. This centre provides them with food, education, counselling and in the more extreme cases accommodation.

In 2014, Avonbrook agreed to fund a 3 year programme to bring about lasting improvements to the conditions and prospects of boys incarcerated in Toamasina Prison for juveniles.

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