Avonbrook focuses on long-term involvement in communities so our role and intervention in education projects abroad are constantly evolving.

The principal role of Avonbrook is to carefully select specific education projects in the developing world that will receive our funding and long-term support to ensure that a real and lasting difference is made to the community. The most effective way of achieving this is by establishing a partnership with a local or non-governmental organisation that has an in-depth knowledge of the country and particular requirements of the project.

Our past work has demonstrated just how effective the partnership system can be.

David Maddock, Chairman

Two of our existing partners have since gone on to scale up the initial work funded by Avonbrook to much larger projects funded either by national governments or by the UNHCR.

While our funds are small, we are able to take calculated long-term risks that may not be possible for other, larger organisations. We are keen to fund small projects that make a lasting difference or to provide seed funding to demonstrate effectiveness so our partners can secure bigger grants to extend a scheme nationwide.

Our Projects