Teacher Training Programme

PEAS believes in providing development opportunities for teachers, not offered by the government. Providing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training helps to build local capacity and expertise to improve the quality of education in the long term, and PEAS has seen a dramatic impact on students’ learning and results.

CPD activities are based around the PEAS’ ‘Great Teacher Rubric’ and focus on six areas that PEAS values as fundamental to achieve quality education, namely:

  1. Teacher motivation and mind-set;
  2. Planning and preparation;
  3. Classroom delivery;
  4. Assessment and feedback;
  5. Climate for learning;
  6. Community and contribution.

The ‘Great Teacher Rubric’ was initially developed for PEAS’ Uganda network and has now been rolled out in Zambia.

CDP activities aim to guide and support the teachers by helping them reflect on how they can help students achieve their full potential. Examples of activities included in the CPD programme:

  • Teacher Group Meeting
  • Peer Observations
  • School Visits
  • CPD Audit and Topic Planning
  • Formal Lesson Observations
  • Teacher Self-Reflection

The teacher training programme is carefully designed and implemented by the Regional Programme Manager (RPM), in partnership with the Head Teacher and Director of Education at each of PEAS Zambia’s schools. The RPM is key to ensuring a relevant and quality teacher training programme in each PEAS school in their region.

Avonbook contributed to the cost of teacher training across the PEAS Zambia network.